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Meet Piet

It’s pronounced “Pete”.

Changing the world, one company at a time.

My story

Much of my learning happened on the job in various sales and marketing roles at companies including Apple, Showpad (a rapidly growing scale-up), and various early-stage startups. After starting out in technical roles in the graphics production industry, I moved to presales and then sales when the time was right. Following a stint in product marketing, I ended up in marketing proper. But I never really stopped being a salesman.

I have always been fascinated with how the brain and mind work, and love studying brain science, which combines insights from neuroscience,  cognitive psychology, and behavioral economics. Everybody has a brain. Most brains work in similar, predictable ways. If your job is to convince people or organizations to buy from you, that is good to know.

I hold a master’s in Economics from KU Leuven, Belgium, a bachelor’s in Marketing from Avans Hogeschool in Breda, Netherlands, and various certifications include biochemistry, javascript, SQL and NoSQL databases, HTML, CSS, and PHP. I am also a triple-certified hypnotherapist. I choose not to practice and prefer to use my knowledge about the subconscious for marketing and sales.

Today, I help companies build and optimize their strategic messaging with brain science, using a proven methodology and approach I have developed over decades in sales and marketing.

With a track record of 100+ successful strategic messaging projects, I now dedicate my time to making companies with valuable solutions for society and the planet as successful as possible.

I live in the area of Gent, Belgium and work with clients worldwide.