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Frequently asked questions

Got questions?
Have answers.

Do you have questions about strategic messaging or the logistics of messaging projects and speaking engagements? Look no further.


When is the best time to work on messaging?

Before you scale. If you scale with disfunctional messaging, you will spend a lot of time and resources to scale a problem. Start as early as you can. You'll thank me later.

Who should own messaging?

Messaging should not be owned by a single function. It should be co-owned by marketing, sales, and customer success. Product needs access to it for context. Generally, it is a good idea to get customer-facing people involved.


What types of companies to you work with?

I work with ambitious companies in every industry. My client list contains B2B SaaS startups and scale-ups, established industrial companies, 1-2 person starters, you name it. There are only a few conditions: you have to be serious about taking on the challenge of messaging, and you can't harm others, or the planet.

How much does a strategic messaging project cost?

Less than you would think. Because I am a solopreneur, I can limit my overhead and focus on the work. I have seen agency quotes anywhere between 15k and 60k for mediocre strategic work. I can deliver way more for much less.

How long does a strategic messaging project take?

We can be ready in 1-2 weeks. It takes 4-5 days with a morning workshop and a close-of-business checkin to finalize the strategic messaging architecture.

How soon can we start?

I'm typically booked a few months in advance. I'm trying to reduce that lead time with fast-track projects.

Can I just book some of your time?

No.  I have not discovered a way to deliver great quality in a short meeting. Sure, I can blow your mind with some insights, but it's the execution that counts. I prefer to get to know the company quite deeply, because that helps me do my best work. Messaging is far too important to do it on the side.

What does YAMAZONI stand for?

YAMAZONI is the phonetic representation of "Ja maar, zo niet!", a flemish expression that translates to "You can't just do it like that!".


What is your fee for speaking at an event?

I prefer not to charge for events for now (except for travel expenses). Speaking is not my main source of income and I enjoy helping event organizers be successful. That said, I am pretty selective about which events I commit to.

Some questions we'll have to cover:

  • Are the audience members potential clients for a messaging project? My talks resonate with founders, entrepreneurs, sales, sales leadership, marketing, marketing leadership, product leaders.
  • How big is the reach?
  • Will the session be recorded and can I use the content?
  • Can I record the session for my own use?

If you want to discuss your next event or podcast, reach out to me so we can discuss your expectations.

Do you speak in other languages than English?

I prefer English, because it is the universal global language of science and industry, and because I am most comfortable with it. In a pinch, I can do Dutch, German, and French.