Tell the better story.
Do more business.

Drive your growth with brain science

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Strategic messaging

Communicate value to your audience

Get your story straight

Your messaging is the foundation of how you communicate. Articulate value at every step of the buyer journey with a strong, carefully crafted narrative.

Influence your audience

Good messaging surprises and delights your audience. Guide your prospects and customers to a buying decision with the right information at the right time.

Drive business results

Messaging aligns your organization around an irresistible story. Deliver your core message consistently across all channels, and generate the growth you want.


Strategic messaging powered by brain science

A proven system

5 INTENTS is a tried-and-tested method for building messaging. It was developed over decades and successfully used by ambitious companies of all sizes.

Backed by science

5 INTENTS uses key scientific insights about our brain's structures, states, and shortcomings to maximize your impact at every touchpoint.

Ready in days

5 INTENTS gives you actionable insights instantly. Create more compelling content, deliver more convincing presentations, and have more successful sales conversations in no time.

Let's talk

Want know how strategic messaging can help you? Reach out to me.


I'm Piet "Pete" Saegeman, the strategic messaging consultant behind YAMAZONI. After a few decades in marketing and sales at companies including Apple and Showpad, I now help founders, CEOs, and marketing & sales leaders grow their business with strategic messaging.